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The software is able to do exactly what is required.

And grows as needed.

easygrading is a web-based system. Reasonably priced and requires no complexity. Depending on the functional range, there are three different license modules using easygrading. The trial version is even free of charge - unique in the field of job evaluation systems!

Perfect fitting functions


Get to know easygrading free of charge and without obligation. Using your company's data and give it a test. There is no data security measure and there won't be kept records. Additional functions are non-accessible.


The basic version provides all the functions for a complete professional job evaluation. The results and a comfortable filterable cross comparison can be stored on the server and optionally transmitted via the clipboard, e.g. in local Excel templates.


The professional version offers additional features like the analysis of the total remuneration and the design of salary bands and others.

An update from the basic to the professional version is possible without losing the data. So the range of functions can suit your needs.

The overview shows the functions of each version and the license costs in detail:

Test-Version Basic-Version Professional-Version
per month plus VAT per year plus VAT per year plus VAT
Job evaluation 1
Detail specifications 1
Own organisation structure 1
Cross comparison 1
Salary evaluation for base salary, variable payment, total salary (evaluation based on business units, employment type, gender, labour contract type (TL/NTL)) 2 -
Bar chart 2 -
XY-Chart 2 -
XY-Chart with fitting curve 2 -
XY-Chart with salary bandwidth 2 -
Box plot analysis 2 -
Gender chart (the chart contains the status, the convergence and variation of the salary records) 2 -
Supported tool to create salary bandwidths - -
Different languages
Amount of user accesses 1 1 5
Amount of available companies 1 3 3
Own logo - -
Upload of referenced positions, where the professional version also contains the referenced salary data - -
Copy in clipboard 2
Download in formats:
Data is saved on server
Server is within Germany
Validity of license (The respective license fees are based on the extent and the validity period of the contract) 1 month 12 months 12 months
Price per year Free 3.000 EUR 4.500 EUR
When a package is choosen for 24 or 36 months, the package price is reduced to 5% p.a repectively 10% p.a:
Duration 24 months Price per year   
Duration 36 months Price per year    
2.850 EUR
2.700 EUR
4.275 EUR
4.050 EUR

1 In the test version you are able to evaluate only to 10 positions for different business units.
2 In the test version you are allowed to work with a sample company.

Test easygrading without any obligation

After login the functional range is available. Please contact easygrading to receive your personal login data either by telephone, by e-mail or with the contact form below.