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Job evaluation for companies
– easily online!

Good work performance should be paid fairly! An appropriate remuneration is a fundamental characteristic of fair work for managers and employees and distinguishes an attractive employer.

Do you want to be an attractive employer?

"Master" of complex compensation systems?

In order to motivate employees to work effectively for the company in the long term, transparency in the area of compensation is extremely important - not only at management level, but also at the level of the workforce. Nothing seems more demotivating than a lack of knowledge of the internal value of one's own position. Or the lack of promotion opportunities through the introduction of flat structures with unclear classification of own remuneration in the salary structure.

Fundametal questions:

Is the basis traceable and transparent for your compensation system?

Does your compensation system support the alignment of the workforce with the company's goals?

The operational answer to all these questions requires a meaningful foundation. With the support of a flexible job evaluation application you are able to implement this meaningful basis into your HR area and for the compensation of your employees.

How does an effective compensation system motivate?

The link between a company and the people working in it are the jobs. Job evaluation measures their contribution to the company's objectives and results. It takes into consideration the different requirements and needs of the individual positions - also in their relation to each other. Thus, the assessment of positions creates the base value for fairness, justness and transparency of salary in the company.

easygrading is a newly developed system for job evaluation. It includes an objective evaluation method and standardized evaluation process. Making external consultants and expensive compensation specialists unnecessary.

easygrading helps you to make well-founded decisions about how you use, organize and reward your employees.

The internet-based software is easy to understand and runs simply, quickly and reliably.




The job evaluation is done by simple, transparent criteria.

The easy-to-use online system helps save time for evaluation sessions dramatically and cover the compensation.

Confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and services are guaranteed - including strict privacy policies on servers in Germany.

In short: easygrading is a unique HR tool available at attractive conditions. HR managers: You can spring into action immediately. Just start ...

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